Each partner will be attending international events as well as hosting local activities throughout the project. All those events will involve citizens, including first and foremost young people, organizations from the civil society, trade associations, policy makers and public officials. They will discuss issues related to the project and create a proactive civic participation to decision-making. These local activities will be a chance to discuss which are the opportunities to further involve in an active way citizen in their metropolitan cities.

International Event #1
Management of the European funds and opportunities for metropolitan areas in the new MFF 2021 – 2027 – A debate on the future of Europe

Location: Milan
Date: 3.4.5 November 2021
Description: The event will focus on what it would be the best method to manage the European funds in the metropolitan areas. The debate will be focused on how the European funds can be used, and especially on how important they can be to improve citizens’ lives.



International Event #2
Capitalization of ESIF projects of urban and metropolitan governments and citizens involvement

Location: Barcelona
Date: 28 March 2022
Description: AMB will organize a seminar on capitalization of ESIF projects in urban and metropolitan territories in order to present the programs and to promote and increase citizen participation within these projects. Besides local stakeholders and Camelot partners we’ll invite the European Commission, the managing authority of the ERDF OP for Catalonia. We’ll aim at creating a link between this activity with the local action group of the RiConnect URBACT project (Metropolitan government of Porto is a partner).




International Event #3
ITI instrument for the Urban Agglomeration

Location: Zagreb
Date: 19/20 May 2022
Description: The City of Zagreb will organize and host the international event related to EU territorial instruments aimed at fostering development of metropolitan areas since the City of Zagreb plays the role of the Intermediary Body for the ITI instrument for the Urban Agglomeration of Zagreb. The aim of the event is to raise awareness on the importance of the ITI mechanism for development of metropolitan areas and initiate debates on the project of key importance.


International Event #4
Metropolitan Areas and ITI – Integrated Territorial Investments

Location: Porto
Date: 7-8 June 2022
Description: AMP will organize and host the international conference “Metropolitan Areas and ITI – Integrated Territorial Investments”. Policy-makers, metropolitan governments, public institutions, stakeholders, local actors and citizens will debate and present some good practices. The event will be attended by international participants as well as local ones. The discussion will especially address Metropolitan Areas and ITI (Integrated Territorial Investments) and we hope that, at the end of the event, participants would gain or increase their knowledge of the topic.

Agenda Pordo

International Event #5
Climate Solidarity Days

Location: Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot, Tczew
Date: 4-5 July 2022
Description: Description: Climate Solidarity Days will contain of various climate protection events.

  1. Meetings, workshops, seminars and conferences.
  2. The discussion will focus on sustainable development, climate-neutral – current challenges, good practices and planned actions.


Event Gdansk

International Event #6
The role of culture in European relations

Location: Bari
Date: September 2022
Description: In the current global context, the European cultural model, which consists of the diverse cultures that shape it, is often considered a benchmark to refer to. The Metropolitan City of Bari intends to launch a forum and offer a platform for discussion focusing on the following issues: cultural heritage and European Cultural Relations. The main institutions and experts from both public and private sector will be involved, as well as universities, practitioners and civil society organizations.


International Event #7
Democratic engagement and civic participation

Location: Craiova
Date: October 2022
Description: The Municipality of Craiova will host the international event “Democratic engagement and civic participation” through local activity groups where policy-makers, public institutions etc. and citizens will share experiences and best practices for local government decisions.


International Event #8
European instruments regarding the development of the metropolitan dimension

Location: Stuttgart
Date: December 2022
Description: Due to urbanization, cities continue to spread and interact with their surrounding areas. Europe’s future highly relies on the sustainable development of these functional urban areas. Therefore, we would like to focus on European instruments that support the dimension of European metropolitan regions. Special emphasis will be given to the revision of the EU territorial agenda and the development of a new Leipzig Charta during the German EU Council Presidency.


The final conference of the international project took place in Milan

Date:16th February
Description: More and more… citizens of Europe through Camelot

The great international adventure of Camelot project (Cities And Metropolis in Europe Laboring Onward Together) ended on Thursday 16 February at Palazzo Isimbardi, the institutional headquarter of the Metropolitan City of Milan.

The goals
The project has been developed in the framework of the Europe for Citizens Programme, to tackle Euroscepticism and to encourage democratic and civic participation of citizens at a European level, by developing the understanding of the Union policy making process and promoting engagement and volunteering. A deeper knowledge of the Eu institution to be more aware citizens, thorough a new feeling of inclusion and proximity to Europe.

148.680 euro available, 36 months of work, 9 European partners and 500 people involved: financed by the  Europe for Citizens Programme 2014-2020,  Camelot has been a network activity, in which different metropolitan areas have been involved (Metropolitan City of Milan, as project leader, Area Metropolitana do Porto, Verband Region Stuttgart, Barcelona Metropolitan Area, Association des Agences de la Democratie Locale – Strasbourg, Grad Zagreb, Gdansk-Gdynia-Sopot Metropolitan Area, Metropolitan City of Bari, Consiliul local al municipiului Craiova).

Through these activities, as we learnt during the final conference, it has been possible to to strengthen the network of metropolitan cities, to exchange experiences and good practices on the management of European funds, stimulating consciences to understand how the correct use of European funding can improve citizens’ lives even in the most disadvantaged neighbourhoods.

The tools

Different multilingual tools have been used in the project:  thecamelotproject.net website (available in English, Italian, Croatian, German, Polish and Romanian) which describes the project, shows the metropolitan areas involved and schedules the events promoted in 36 months of work; social channels; a video report and a publication. Beyond this communicative activity, the project has been developed through international conferences, targeted local activities, seminars and workshops, which have involved the various local stakeholders (citizens, students, universities, economic operators), stimulating participation and civic awareness.

The general director and secretary of the Metropolitan city of Milan, Antonio Sebastiano Purcaro, has opened the final conference and welcomed the partner on behalf of the Metropolitan Major: “Today we’re concluding this project, which has been able to promote eight events ad lots of local activities, despite the pandemics. Camelot has favoured the cooperation between active citizens and public bodies   in the process of building a metropolitan European identity. Actually, the Metropolitan city of Milan has, among its fundamental functions, the development of relations with other European cities. So a European network has been created, sharing needs and opportunities, in the perspective of collaboration and cohesion.  Thanks to all the European partners for the wonderful cooperation”.

Servizio comunicazione Città metropolitana
Valentina Pagani 3491623091


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