Euro total budget

CAMELOT (Cities and Metropolis in Europe Labouring Onward Together) is a project developed in the framework of the Europe for Citizens Programme. The project stems from the need to tackle Euroscepticism and to encourage democratic and civic participation of citizens at a European level, by developing citizens’ understanding of the Union policy making process and promoting opportunities for societal and intercultural engagement and volunteering.

To that end, the project seeks to shorten the distance between citizens and the different European funding mechanisms available in order to facilitate their active participation, their understanding of the matter and to foster a feeling of inclusion and proximity to Europe. This will be achieved through a partnership between nine European Metropolises, that will work together as a network.
This partnership between different metropolitan areas (Milan – project leader- , Porto, Stuttgart, Zagreb, Bari, Gdansk, Craiova and AMB Barcelona Metropolitan Area) is the continuity of a long collaboration that started with the project MEANING. Other partners within the project is ALDA – Association of local Democracy Agencies – that has the task of implementation of the Project Camelot.

Nine  international events will be organized with the aim to actively involve citizens and territorial actors, especially young people, in discussions on topics related to the project, as to generate understanding and exchanging of experiences on the management of European funds and the role of metropolitan cities in the future of European governance.

In that respect, CAMELOT aims to grant citizens the key knowledge to get involved in a conscious and mature manner, being aware of the potential of active participation in the metropolitan and European life. Also, it aims to show them how Europe, through its diverse funding mechanisms, has a major role in improving the quality of life for cities and metropolitan areas.

The project will last for 36 months (March 2020 – February 2023) and has a total budget of €148.680,00.