The project will build a network of European metropolitan cities aimed at enhancing their collaboration on local governance and civic participation. Each City will be able to use the events as an opportunity to learn how to derive the maximum benefit from European funds in terms of growth and stability. All these countries will participate in strengthening the sense of European citizenship and identity, the topics covered by this project will be discussed both on their European dimension and through the lens of democratic participation in decision-making.  The partnership covers different European regions from east to west, north to south, and this will allow a more diverse and multifaceted debate, which will ensure the building of a real European network.

 The project will also create a Forum dedicated to debates on the institutional and political future of Europe, focusing on the role of metropolitan areas in European governance. Metropolitan governments, policymakers, involved social and local actors, together with the citizens will debate and discuss on the capitalization of European funding opportunities and mechanisms of European policies and programs.

Given the proximity to their citizens, metropolises have a central role in providing concrete opportunities for civic participation in European affairs and convincing citizens about the reality and importance of European construction, thus challenging Euroscepticism.

 All partners will actively participate to the international events, making sure that these events will leave a mark. This aim will be reached by producing project tools and outputs: publication, website and video. They will organize local activities with the main objective of involving citizens in local decision-making. ALDA will provide support and information on best practices to foster civic participation initiatives at both local and European levels. This wide involvement will allow the project to have a broad impact and to represent a vast spectrum of interests. The events will generate a debate between citizens and policy-makers, spread knowledge and it will take advantage of the experiences of the partners, identifying best practices and innovative solutions for metropolitan governance and civic participation in decision-making