CAMELOT will create and improve instruments for citizens’ participation in public decisions.

The main action tools will be:

Local activities: The main target will be citizens, together with policymakers who are essential actors in achieving inclusive governance and active citizenship. Each partner, except ALDA, will carry out participative local activities. Citizens will be involved in discussing at least one of the covered topics, all related to European funds and how to manage them, from giving a general description of how the funds are obtained and used to tackling specific programmes.  The events will become an opportunity for each city to reach its citizens through seminars and workshops. An active dialogue between policy makers and citizens will be the key point of all local activities, involving them in the decision-making process and improving direct democracy.

International events: Nine international events will be held with the aim of sharing the knowledge each Metropolitan cities has developed through their own experiences. The addressed topics for each event are:

  • Porto – Metropolitan Areas and ITI – Integrated Territorial Investments
  • Milan – Management of the European funds and opportunities for metropolitan areas in the new MFF 2021 – 2027 – A debate on the future of Europe
  • Stuttgart – European instruments regarding the development of the metropolitan dimension
  • Zagreb – ITI instrument for the Urban Agglomeration
  • Bari – The role of culture in European relations
  • Gdansk – Smart Metropolis
  • Barcelona – Capitalization of ESIF projects of urban and metropolitan governments and citizens involvement
  • Craiova – Democratic engagement and civic participation

All these topics are related to the core activities of the metropolitan areas, and they also have a direct impact on citizens’ lives. The final conference will close up the project outcomes and it will propose a follow-up to strengthen, increase and expand the network of metropolitan cities.